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Afri Training Institute is a black female-owned, level 1 B-BBEE company and accredited training provider. We offer training solutions, such as customised and e-learning courses, to help your employees advance professionally so that your business succeeds beyond measure. Afri Training’s quality of our service to our various stakeholders provides credibility, while every initiative and learnership is a source of pride.

Customised courses to suit your business needs.

Afri Training is known for designing customised training courses, credit-bearing, or workshops specific to your business needs. If you have limited time on your hands, we adjust training solutions to allow easy implementation according to your operational/production schedules. If your employees require specific knowledge, we curate courses to facilitate their knowledge gap. These training courses develop organisational learning pathways and business opportunities, regardless of the industry or sector.

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Let your business thrive with employees who are experts in their line of work from our fully accredited training courses.


Short-term investment. Long-term benefits.

We know you are busy, so we provide accredited courses in a convenient, high-quality package that you can achieve in a short period.

Less paperwork. Less headache.

We do all the planning and implementing of your skills development so that you have more time to focus on other things.

Be in demand.

Investing in your employees means you get the best employees. Partner with our experts in training and skills development, and your employees will grow your business.

Learning anytime, anywhere.

Due to modern-day work schedules, provide your employees with flexible learning that won’t interfere with business operations.

Improve business performance.

The best way for your business to increase efficiency and benefit financially.

Experience is everything.

Put knowledge into practice with accessible learning courses that lead to an NQF registered qualification.

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Afri Training has had the pleasure of training employees for various organisations.

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