Trends to look out for in e-learning

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The evolving e-learning environment

The education industry is always changing and growing and looking forward there is much more to come. Below are a few trends that have the online education community’s tails wagging.

Blended learning

Combining off-campus learning with on-campus learning will lead to traditional distance learning developing and becoming a more blended model. Traditional off-campus learning will become more structured and resemble on-campus learning in an increasing number of ways.

Fees must fall

A very sensitive subject in South Africa, the #feesmustfall movement was the culmination of the increasing cost of tertiary education for students. Public universities will begin to offer online learning, aiming to provide less expensive alternatives to on-campus programmes and alleviate the impact of protests on studies.

SETA accredited online courses

SETA accreditation is yet to be achieved significantly in the e-learning space. An increase in the number of SETA accreditations is expected. Higher quality of education is the outcome and better skills development is what to look out for in the job market.

Globalisation and shared economies of knowledge

As e-learning encourages a worldwide exchange of ideas and South African institutions remain in a state of crises, South African students might start to favour international online learning programmes e.g. Coursera as well as seek employment at international organisations.

What to look forward to

With the increase in new ways to learn skills and share knowledge, like only needing an internet connection and a quality smartphone to take online classes and get certified, advancements in the e-learning world is to be expected. Learning is no longer just for the kids and its reach is boundless. There’s a lot to look forward to.

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