The importance of a manager as a coach

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It doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad leader if they do not coach, but the most effective leaders understand that leadership involves nurturing and developing talent. Below are three characteristics of a manager as a coach, a formula that leads to good business.

 Coaching as a tool for achieving business goals

The most effective coaches see that their involvement in the development of talents is a critical part of the success of a business. Is time an issue? Many managers don’t seem to have the time to spend with employees. It will go a long way if coaching is seen as a necessity instead of a luxury. Telling employees what to do, showing them the way, and being available for direction is the key to achieving your business goals.

A passion for developing people

Much like a chef looks at ingredients and imagines something tantalising, mouth-watering and much more than any other person would image it to become, a manager should have a passion for developing employees into the best they can be. The difference between a bacon and egg on toast and a mushroom, bacon and egg white omelette with scallions and cheddar cheese is vision and execution.


A genuine interest in what is going on and the kinds of problems that employees are experiencing as well as identifying the gaps for opportunities show that a manager has a curious mind. A natural ability to ask the right questions contributes to staff development.

Keen interest in establishing connections

A characteristic of a manager that has a keen interest in establishing connections is that they are empathetic. Empathy allows them to connect with employees individually, understanding that everyone is different. This grows relationships based on trust because the manager took the time to understand before coaching.

Lead to succeed

One of the biggest lessons for managers to learn is that coaching is about action rather than dictating. Open communication to establish the most productive way to move forward is a recipe for successful coaching and leadership.


“A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.” Mark Yarnell


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