The difference between training and development

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A monthly routine for many is checking their car’s oil. A lack of oil causes friction and possibly overheating. Much like your car needs oil to allow internal parts to work together effectively, employee training and development equip employees with the skills and confidence to perform at their best. Below is a comparison of training and development in the workplace.

What is workplace training?

Workplace training involves employees learning the skills required for their specific role. On the job learning is called training. It gives employees the opportunity to develop the skill, competency and knowledge that applies to the requirements of their job. Training programmes are group focused, where more than one individual participates in organised group events, such as workshops, classes or seminars etc.

  • Short term with a concrete goal
  • Focused on the role
  • Specific job or role requirement

What is workplace development?

Training top-level employees is considered development. Development is different to training as it’s an ongoing procedure that aims to enhance knowledge. The benefits of development go beyond training, focusing on bringing efficiency and effectiveness to employees’ work performances. Development activities tend to be a more personalised experience, which is based on the individual’s development plan.

  • Long term and open-ended
  • Focused on the person
  • Career oriented

Why training and development?

The performance of an organisation is based on the quality of its employees, and the greater the quality of employees, the greater their performance will be. Much like taking care of your car’s engine and other parts allows it to take you where you need to go day after day, spending time on bettering your employees grows them and your business.

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