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At Afri Training, we were excited to host I&J’s team building session in an effort toward bringing more life into their office culture and incite change, which the team of staff signed and committed to.

The group was split into teams and competed in a variety of challenges designed to focus on the importance of teamwork and the need to balance and complement each individuals’ unique skills. Before the games began, groups had the opportunity to come together and plan their tactics and strategies to win.

Challenges included:
Target Shooting
Taste Tests
And much, much more!

Once all of the challenges were completed, the top teams with the most points gathered together to battle it out to earn the top spot. The finale was held in the form of a Tribal Council and the losing teams became the jury that cast their vote for the Sole Survivor Team who won the prize.

Besides winning, there were additional outcomes including:
Improved decision making
Enhanced communal support and encouragement
Time management
Creative problem solving

Group of people
Students in a class
group photo of students
Group photo of students
Group photo of students


Clients Amawandle Pelagic and Lucky Star Operations learners successfully completed their learnership in a National Certificate Production Technology NQF Level 2 on the 23rd of September 2021!