Implementation of Newly Promulgated Workplace-Based Learning Programme Agreement Regulations

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Implementing new rules or regulations in any field can be tough to integrate and tricky to adjust to.
This blog will help you understand what the new regulations means to both employer and employee.

Important points to take note of

  • The Workplace-Based Learning Programme Agreement will replace all current learnership agreements.
  • The National Skills Development Management System (NSDMS) requires all original relevant documents to be uploaded or submitted to the relevant merSETA regional office.
  • The employer or provider must submit a completed and signed agreement together with supporting documentation to the merSETA within 30 working days from the date on which the learner signed the agreement. Should the submission of the original completed agreement not be submitted within the turnaround time, the application will be withdrawn.
  • The starting date of the learning programme agreement is determined by the date of registration of the merSETA. The end date is subject to the number of credits of the qualification, part qualification or duration of the curriculum.

Implementation based on agreement regulation
Pre-requirements for learner registration

  • Lead and host employers to be workplace approved.
  • Lead and host providers to be accredited.
  • Identify the learner.

Conditional placement of learner

Include the original start date of the learner on the learning programme and acknowledge that the commencement date is the same as the registration date.

Getting started on the Seta Management System

  • Capture the agreement information on the Seta Management System.
  • Upload supporting documents.
  • Download completed agreement and all parties to sign.

Submission to the merSETA

Submit the original agreement and supporting documents to merSETA within 30 working days from the date signed by the learner.

merSETA responsibility

  • Register agreement within 30 working days from date of receipt, once the requirements are met.
  • The commencement date of the learning programme is determined by the registration date of the agreement by merSETA.

Now you can see that something that appears complicated is actually quite simple, but should you require any assistance, contact the merSETA regional offices or call centre.

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