Module 7: Business Writing

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Course level:Intermediate

Course Overview

Course Qualification: Further Education and Training Certificate

This module will enable learners to use textual features and conventions for textual matters, identify their audience for communicational purposes, identify the objectives of a task, and select the appropriate text type, format and layout for business purposes. Qualified students will be able to:

  • Organise and structure technical texts, use the correct grammar conventions, draft and edit technical texts, identify errors, and present the information in various ways.
  • Write correctly and creatively for a range of topics, choose language structures and features and edit writing for fluency and unity.
  • Respond critically and sensitively, analyse responses to texts and adjust as required, use strategies to communicate in sustained oral/signed interactions, and evaluate spoken/signed discourse.
  • Critically analyse texts produced for a range of purposes, audiences and contexts. Identify and explain the values, attitudes and assumptions in texts, and evaluate the effects of content, language and style of readers’/viewers’ responses in specific texts.

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