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  • Date: Jun 21 - 25 2021
  • Time: All Day
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Jun 21 - 25 2021


All Day



SDF – Skills Development Facilitator

This programme will equip learners with the required knowledge and skills to identify training needs aligned to the organisation’s strategy, draw up Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports as well as promoting a learning culture in an organisation.

The programme is aligned to the following Unit Standards within the National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education, Training and Development Practices (50331):

  • Coordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation.
    (Unit standard 15232 NQF5 – 6 credits)
  • Develop an organisational training and development plan.
    (Unit standard 15217 NQF5 – 6 credits)
  • Conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills development and other purposes.
    (Unit standard 15218 NQF6 – 4 credits)
  • Provide information and advice regarding skills development and related issues.
    (Unit standard 15221 NQF5 – 4 credits)
  • Conduct skills development administration in an organisation.
    (Unit standard 15227 NQF4 – 4 credits)
  • Promote a learning culture in an organisation.
    (Unit standard 252041 NQF5 – 5 credits)

Workshop Outline:

Introduction to the NQF:

  • History of National Qualifications
  • Legislation governing Skills Development
  • SAQA Act and Function
  • Skills Development Levies Act
  • Quality Council for Trade & Occupations
  • Skills Development Mechanisms
  • Implementing Skills Development
  • Roles & Responsibilities

Core Functions of the SDF:

  • Skills Development Process
  • Role of the SDF
  • Learning needs analysis
  • Define and record analysis results
  • Manage and coordinate training
  • Prioritise training needs
  • The Training Committee
  • The WSP and ATR
  • Source and plan training

Who will benefit:

Training managers, SDFs, and Training Coordinators

Brief overview of an SDF

A Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) is responsible for the planning, implementation, and reporting of training in an organisation, with Seta related issues

1.1 Appointment of an SDF

In larger organisations, a currently appointed as an internal SDF. In smaller organisations there is often no dedicated training or HR professional fulfilling this role, and so a manager or company owner will assume the responsibility The role can also be outsourced to a professional external

1.2 Function of an SDF The functions of an SDF are to:

  • Assist the employer and employees to develop a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) which c with the requirements of the Seta
  • Submit the WSP to the relevant Seta
  • Advise the employer on the implementation of the WSP
  • Assist the employer to draft an Annual Training Report (ATR) on the implementation of the WSP.
  • Advise the employer on the
  • Act as a contact person between the employer and the Seta
  • Serve as a resource with regard to all aspects of skills development
  • Communicate Seta initiatives, grants and benefits to the employer
    • Communicate with branch offices, and all employees in the main office and branch offices, concerning events and grants being offered at the Seta

Roles of an SDF:

  • Facilitator: To facilitate the development of an employer’s skills development strategy
  • Expert: To serve as an expert resource for accrediting the employer as a training provider and for the implementation of appropriate learnerships and skills programmes.
  • Administrator: To complete and submit the
  • Advisor: To advise the employers and employees on the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS) and on the implementation of the WSP
  • Education and needs evaluator: To assess the skills development needs of the organisation
  • Mediator: To serve as a contact person between the employer and the relevant Seta

POE Submissions, including SORs & certificates: R440 (Excl. VAT)
All public courses are subject to minimum delegate numbers.

  • US: 15232; 15217; 15218; 15221; 15227; 252041
  • Credits: 29

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