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Learning anytime, anywhere

Convenient and flexible access

Courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere from a mobile device, laptop, tablet or desktop. Employees can access their learning when it works for them and when they will most effectively retain the information.

Easy on the budget

Online training means that you can cut out the costs of facilitators and physical training materials. Blended learning approaches result in a higher knowledge retention rate and courses can be reused and updated without much expense or time.

Full learning support from our team

One of the benefits of online training for employees is that they can learn in their own time, at their own pace. There is full learning support through question and answer features, chat forums and webinars.

Training Conversion - Lengthy learning documents are a thing of the past

Convert your existing training materials to interactive e-learning lessons, either in their entirety or as custom-built supplementary e-learning solutions, offering you a completely blended learning experience.

Content Creation – Customised to your brand

As you continue to develop and improve business processes, your employees will need to be equipped with the proper skills to keep up in an ever-changing world. Creating e-learning content that is customised to your brand, company culture and specific processes will ease the adoption of your new business developments.

Microlearning – Easily digestible to learners

We take into account that many people are constantly bombarded with information and may have full-time jobs. It is because of this that the lessons we create are short, to the point, and available whenever the learner is ready.

Video-Based Learning – Imaginative skills transfer

Our team of learning creatives are dedicated to finding imaginative ways to convey knowledge and skills to learners, not just converting your physical learning materials into e-books. Using rich media, demonstrative videos, captivating images and exciting animations, we can craft lessons that are stimulating and engaging.

Mobile Learning - Accessible wherever, whenever

Learning should not be limited to a location, a classroom, or even a computer. Our e-learning is accessible wherever, whenever, and on any platform – even your smartphone! Our courses are fully responsive and multi-device compatible, thereby providing several opportunities to learn.

At Afri Training Institute, our accredited e-learning consists of:

AfriTraining E-Learning - Prerecorded Lessons

Prerecorded Lessons

AfriTraining E-Learning - Live Webinars

Live Webinars

AfriTraining E-Learning - Questions and Answers Support

Q & A Support

AfriTraining E-Learning - Real Time Assessments

Real-time Assessments

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