The importance of a personal development plan

We all dream of starting a job that we love, producing good work, impressing the boss and landing promotions consistently so that we climb the ladder of success at an impressively young age with very little effort, as if the success just fell into our laps. Very few people experience that kind of luck – the rest of us have to plan for it. Read more “The importance of a personal development plan”

How to achieve success through teamwork

The work environment and teamwork

We all know the story of the Google team that successfully created, well, Google. The team of four very different individuals including a “wild card”, “agitator”, “leader” and “expert”, initially didn’t get along, but somehow found a way to create the most popular site on the web today. This proves that teamwork is effective, in every environment. Read more “How to achieve success through teamwork”

5 ways to create a more positive work environment

Who should care about the work environment? Everyone.

A 6 am cup of coffee and a quick shower (very quick if you’re in Cape Town), and off to work you go. 9 hours later you might feel exhausted and overwhelmed or you’re having a pleasant conversation with your partner or gym buddy about how wonderful your work environment is. Whether you work in a disconnected office with demotivated staff or you work in a loving and productive office with efficient people, there are always ways to improve the work environment. And because we’ve all experienced an unpleasant situation at work, let’s look at 5 ways to create a more positive setting.  

Read more “5 ways to create a more positive work environment”

Education and the workplace – the widening gap

The reasons to get an education are endless. It gives you perspective on the world and ultimately gives you the knowledge to build a career. The link between education and the working world, however, is breaking down. Skills mismatching happens when an individual’s qualification or training does not match with their employment opportunities. The result includes unemployment, low wages, job dissatisfaction, inability to find suitable labour and these all affect the overall productivity and competitiveness of the economy. It poses a problem for the economy all who make up the workforce.

Read more “Education and the workplace – the widening gap”

The difference between training and development

A monthly routine for many is checking their car’s oil. A lack of oil causes friction and possibly overheating. Much like your car needs oil to allow internal parts to work together effectively, employee training and development equip employees with the skills and confidence to perform at their best. Below is a comparison of training and development in the workplace. Read more “The difference between training and development”

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